What to do with the Twitter IPO

Everyone wants to know whether the Twitter IPO will be fumbled like Facebook’s. So, I will give you my take:

Read the post on Facebook

and then read this post after Facebook went public, if Twitter goes down on the first day.

The same rules apply: It is expensive, there is hype and you will likely not get any shares before IPO day. So, if it shoots up on day one, you can ride it until it stops. If it goes down, don’t touch it until it comes back up to IPO day trading price.

About the only significant difference between the two is that Twitter will sell fewer shares.

The main difference between the two, is that Facebook was further along the line of generating revenue when it went public and had ore users.

People say the hype is less, but I hear a lot of hype. I hear a lot of “experts” saying that it is cheap, they are excited, etc.

At $17 dollars, Twitter is at what is likely a reasonable price, but I would bet it opens way above that, where it may expensive.

Trade it, don’t buy it…

yet. Like Facebook, there will be a time for that later on.

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