Now May Be The Time For Facebook

In May I suggested you trade $FB the first day, but stay away from it a an investment. After six months, the lockups are over and the chart looks good, so, for those of you dying to but $FB shares this may be the time, you have the green light medium term (It has gone up quite a bit already, but this is not a trade, is an investment)

Three stocks medium term, one short trem

So, you thought I was gone for the year? No way, I said I will try and here it is:

First up, CF, a fertilizer company, no bullshit there. The first graph is the weekly and you can see how good it looks, with the Trix turning around(red line):

Then you look at the Daily and you see the trend is broken, which gives you a high probability of an upside. I don’t like Friday’s to invest, but this one looks good medium term

Next up is EMC, an old favorite, in the weekly chart, you can see how the Trix is turning nicely, or at least bottoming:

Then, in the daily chart, you can see again how the trend was broken today, suggesting a nice rally by EMC in the next few weeks:

Then there is another old favorite, Seagate (STX), reported this week and as you can see, despite the guidance, it held up well. And that Trix bottoming augurs well for the shares.

But more interestingly, the daily shares look much like CF and EMC, a downtrend broken and the shares ready to rise.


Finally, a short term trade in Panamerican Silver $PAAS borrowed from Dan Fitzpatrick, this stock is showing a Bollinger band squeeze and a Trix that is going up in the Daily chart, while the price broke resistance today. That is a good triple whammy. A good three to four day trade. At the first sign of weakness, get out!