It was worth reviving the blog for that $AAPL move

Well, I briefly revived the blog because I like that triangle pattern $AAPL was making and it certainly has worked out well (Click on it to get a larger image):

What now?

Well, while the market has not been doing well, $AAPL has and the chart says that it will keep going. After today’s move, it may rest a little bit, but I think that after hitting all time high, it will continue to do that over the next three or four weeks. This is a good time to be an $AAPL investor. The chart says so.

A Powerfull Chart Revives This Blog

I know, I said I don’t have much time for this. And I don’t, but $AAPL is showing such a powerful chart, I had to show it to you. Tomorrow, the market may go down, it is up three days in a row as Europe continues to commit Eurokiri, but if $AAPL goes down it should only be temporarily, in both the daily:

and weekly chart:

it looks simply spectacular! Breaking the triangle and that weekly TRIX, very nice.

As a bonus, look at $DLTR, hitting highs daily in this horrible market:

And I am still holding on to $VRUS, and yes, $VOD was bad, but it has a yield of 7.69%, it will bounce back.